Forschungsprojekte Themenbereich Energie und Klima

Landschaftsqualität im Licht gesellschaftlicher NarrativeDr. Antonietta Di Giulio; Rico Defila2023-2024Public Administration
A conceptual framework for sustainable consumption – bridging perspectives in a boundary concept (Frame4SC)Dr. Antonietta Di Giulio2023-2026Drittmittelprojekt (SNSF)
Are Religions becoming Green? Faith-Based Environmentalism in SwitzerlandProf. Dr. Jens Köhrsen2021-2024Drittmittelprojekt (SNSF)
The Future Swiss Electricity Market: Evolution or Revolution?Prof. Dr. Hannes Weigt; Prof. Dr. Frank C. Krysiak 2021-2023Third-party funded project (Public Administration)
Cost-effectiveness of Emissions Trading SchemesProf. Dr. Beat Hintermann 2019-2023University Funds 
Impact of climate policy on firms and the labor market in GermanyProf. Dr. Beat Hintermann 2020-2023Other Funds
The effect of nudges on the external costs of transportProf. Dr. Beat Hintermann 2021-2023University Funds
Evidence-based pathways towards sustainable judgment and decision-making: A multi-dimensional perspectiveProf. Dr. Ulf Hahnel 2022-2027Drittmittelprojekt (SNSF)
Basel Climate Science and Ancient History LabProf. Dr. Sabine Huebner bis 2025Drittmittelprojekt (SNSF)
BESTMAP - Redesigning Europe’s agricultural policyProf. Dr. Ruth Delzeit 2021-2023Third-party funding (Commission of the European Union) 
Pollution, environmental regulation and firm performanceProf. Dr. Beat Hintermann 2021-2023Drittmittelprojekt (SNSF)
The Future Swiss Electricity Market: Evolution or Revolution?Prof. Dr. Hannes Weigt; Prof. Dr. Frank C. Krysiak 2021-2023Drittmittel (Puplic Administration) 
Attention, Preference Shifts, and Choice Inconsistencies: An Experiment on Choosing Electricity Plans Under Cognitive Load with Sebastian Olschewski and Steve HeinkeProf. Dr. Catherine Roux   

Empirical analysis of mobility behavior in the context of dynamic pricing (MOBIS) Gemeinsames Projekt mit der ETH und ZHAW

Prof. Dr. Beat Hintermann2022Drittmittel (Innosuisse, UVEK, ETH, ZHAW)

In Search of Decoupling: (How) Can We Combine Climate Sustainability with Economic Growth, Good Jobs, and Public Preferences?

Prof. Dr. Aya Kachi2021-2026Drittmittelprojekt
(Swedish Research Council)

Ecovillages as Incubators for Sustainability Transitions: What Boundary-Bridging Arrangements Facilitate the Diffusion of Innovations in Different Settings?

Prof. Dr. Jens Köhrsen2020-2024Drittmittelprojekt (SNF)

The Roman Egypt Laboratory: Climate Change, Societal Transformations, and the Transition to Late Antiquity

Prof. Dr. Sabine Huebner2020-2024Drittmittelprojekt (SNF)

The Future Swiss Electricity Market: Evolution or Revolution?

Prof. Dr. Hannes Weigt2020-2023Drittmittelprojekt (SNF)

Best Practices for Decommissioning of Nuclear Power Plants: How to ensure efficient plant decommissioning under different regulatory schemes

Prof. Dr. Hannes Weigt2020-2023Drittmittelprojekt (SNF)

Are Religions becoming Green? Faith-Based Environmentalism in Switzerland

Prof. Dr. Jens Köhrsen2020-2022Drittmittelprojekt (SNF)

Food democracy and meta-organizations

Prof. Dr. Jens Köhrsen2020-2022Drittmittelprojekt (Stiftungen)
Governance of Risk and SustainabilityProf. Dr. Paul Burger
Dr. Rony Emmenegger 
2019-2025University Funds 
Smart-BEEjS / Human-Centric Energy Districts: Smart Value Generation by Building Efficiency and Energy Justice for Sustainable LivingProf. Dr. Paul Burger 2019-2023Commission of the European Union

The Political Economy of Coal Policy: Comparative Analyses of Stakeholder Strategies and Resource Industries' Embeddedness in the International Economy [Project COALSTAKE]

Prof. Dr. Aya Kachi2019-2021Drittmittelprojekt (SNIS)

Can cap-and-trade be beneficial for firm cost efficiency?

Prof. Dr. Beat Hintermann2019-2021Eigenmittel

Hierarchical interfacial coordination assemblies

Prof. Dr. Edwin C. Constable2018-2022Drittmittelprojekt (SNF)

Project Report - Mapping Sustainability in Swiss Nutritional Guidelines

Dr. Rony Emmenegger,
Dr. Basil Bornemann


The role of energy storage technologies in the context of the Swiss energy transition

Prof. Dr. Hannes Weigt2017-2021Drittmittelprojekt (SNF)

Reducing Swiss household energy demand: Modeling and assessing non-monetary incentives (information and social norms)

Prof. Dr. Frank C. Krysiak2017-2021Drittmittelprojekt (BFE)

Home Country Bias in International Emissions Trading: Evidence from the EU ETS

Prof. Dr. Beat Hintermann2016-2021Eigenmittel