Sustainable Future Research Lunch

The Sustainable Future Research Lunch offers our PhD students and PostDocs a good opportunity to present their research. But also professors are welcome to give a presentation or invite external guests to the Research Lunch. In the subsequent discussion with the other researchers, the presenters receive valuable input for their further research.

If you need any information or would like to book a slot for a presentation please do not hesitate to contact us.

Fall Semester 2023

No entries available.

Sustainable Future Research Lunch

Past Research Lunches 2023

May 26, 202312:30-13:15Bernoullistrasse 14/16Hannes WeigtSWEET CoSi 
May 12, 202312:30-13:15Juristische Fakultät, Room S8 HG.39Nina FringsIndividual differences in pro-environmental product choices and renewable energy policy support during the energy crisis
April 28, 202312:30-13:15Bernoullistrasse 14/16Adam Hearn How do religious organizations engage in sustainability transitions and what are the perceived barriers to this?
April 14, 202312:30-13:15Juristische Fakultät, Room S8 HG.39Miguel BrendlFraming of messages intended to promote sustainable behavior
March 31, 202312:30-13:15Bernoullistrasse 14/16Gabriel Erni Cassola

Chronic exposure of an amphipod to microplastics in river sediments

Past Research Lunches 2022

March 17, 202312.30-13.15Juristische Fakultät, Room S8 HG.39Frank Krysiak„Designing Electricity Markets for the Energy Transition“
November 18, 202212.30-13.15 Jens GaabBehavioral Change is Easy...
November 11, 202212.30-13.15 Ruth DelzeitFood or fuel? How the EU impacts on global land use
October 21, 202212.30-13.15 Serena AbelHuman Footprints at Hadal Depths: Transport and Accumulation of Plastic in the Ocean
October 14, 202212.30-13.15 Paul BurgerLow carbon transport futures in low carbon societal futures – scenarios for Switzerland 2050
October 7, 202212.30-13.15 Sophie Schumacher & Alessandro Mazzetti 
September 30, 202212.30-13.15 Aya Kachi & Sabina Ramos Gonçalves 

Young, Educated, and left-Leaning: You Would More Likely Support Carbon Taxation Except when... (Hint: National Economy, Salaries, High-Emitting Industries)

June 17, 202212.30-13.15Zoom                         Adolfo Uribe PobletePrivate Benefits from More Efficient Biomass Heating Technologies: Evidence from Urban Households in Chile
June 10, 202212.30-13.15ZoomPeter SeeleDigital sustainability and/or sustainable digitalisation?
June 3, 202212.30-13.15ZoomBeat HintermannThe effect of personal mobility reports on external costs in transport.
May 20, 202212.30-13.15ZoomChristine Alewell 
May 13, 202212.30-13.15ZoomIljana Schubert 
May 6, 202212.30-13.15ZoomBasil Bornemann, Marius Christen and Aya KachiGovernance through global goals “on the ground”. Implementing the 2030 Agenda/SDGs in Swiss cantons
April 22, 202212.30-13.15ZoomSimon SchauppThe Social and Political Composition of the Swiss Climate Strike. A Mixed-Methods Analysis.
April 8, 202212.30-13.15hybrid (Zoom/ WWZ S14 HG.32)Peter BurgherrIntegrated Sustainability Assessment of Energy Systems and how it provides Decision Support for the Energy Transition
April 1, 202212.30-13.15hybrid (Zoom & WWZ Seminarraum S16 HG.39)Ulf Hahnel

Evidence-based pathways towards sustainable behavior change

March 18, 202212.30-13.15ZoomJulia Schmale (EPFL)Arctic Aerosol Processes: Insights from long-term observations and recent campaigns
December 10, 202112.30-13.15ZoomRui Mata and Dirk WulffCombining data and behavioural sciences to tackle the SDGs
October 22, 202112.30-13.15ZoomPaul BurgerSwitzerland 2050 with a low carbon energy system - insights from a Formative Scenario Analysis
May 28, 202112.30-13.15ZoomPatricia HolmPresentation on research expedition with the ice breaker "Polarstern" in the Antarctica
May 7, 202112.30-13.15ZoomBeat HintermannPigovian Mobility Pricing in Practice