A review of the Sustainable Future Young Researchers/Scientific Staff Workshop

On the 4th of October in the afternoon, the Sustainable Future Research Network organized the "Sustainable Future Young Researchers/Scientific Staff Workshop." 

The workshop provided a platform for researchers and scientific staff to engage with sustainability initiatives in the community and connect with each other.

During the event, we had the opportunity to visit several sustainability hotspots in the city of Basel. The first stop was the construction and traffic office (BVD) Basel, where the attendees were presented with a detailed overview of plans for a new sustainable primary school building at Walkeweg, showcasing both the process and the current plans.

Subsequently, the group proceeded to the Office of Energy and Environment (AUE), where they were given an informative tour of their new sustainable office building, gaining insights into innovative sustainable practices. This was followed by a visit to Basel unverpackt, where attendees received valuable information regarding sustainable shopping practices, underlining the importance of reducing waste and promoting eco-friendly choices.

Further enriching the workshop, a visit to IWB provided a platform for participants to engage with a presentation on sustainable energy projects in Basel and the surrounding region, emphasizing the significance of renewable energy initiatives for a sustainable future.

To conclude this afternoon, the participants gathered for an Apéro at the Markthalle Basel.


We want to thank the BVD, AUE, unverpackt Basel, and IWB Teams for their wonderful inputs to our workshop. And we also want to thank the participants of the workshop for their interesting questions and input to discussions. We look forward to next year`s workshop.