P. Holm Tinguely

Lecture by Prof. Patricia Holm, ecologist at the Department of Environmental Sciences at the Museum Tinguely, Basel

Microplastics in the Rhine. Scientific findings and open questions

Plastic waste and microplastics are seen as a new environmental problem that concerns us all and will concern us even more in the future. Is a miracle material - light, versatile, inexpensive - turning into a curse we can't get rid of?

December 1, 2022


New Publication by Prof. Dr. Aya Kachi et. al.

"Black coal, thin ice: the discursive legitimisation of Australian coal in the age of climate change" by A. Kachi et. al. out now


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Start of the new Research Network Sustainable Future

In January 2021 we started with our work in the newly created research network Sustainable Future at the University of Basel.

We are currently building up all structures and contents. More information on our research projects and collaboration will follow soon.